Forest Art for Nature Enthusiasts

Forests are majestic places where sun beams through the branches and where it’s easy to go for a walk and forget your troubles. Forest art can have a similar calming effect while bringing nature into your space.
From incredible abstract photography to frosty winter paintings of forests and trees, find some of our top forest art picks to make your home or office cozier than ever.

1. Firewall by Philippe Sainte-Laudy for Pacific Art Group

Forest Art 1

2. Live by Faith by Brianna Lock

Forest Art 2

3. Whispering Winds by Liz Jardine

Forest Art 3

4. A Skyward View by Raymond Gehman for National Geographic

Forest Art 4

5. Abstract Autumn II by Marion Rose

Forest Art 5

6. Morning Has Broken by Art Wolfe from Pacific Art Group

Forest Art 6

7. Red Cliff Grove by Jodi Maas

Forest Art 7

8. Last Leaves by Lars Van De Goor

Forest Art 8

9. Frosty Birch Forest by Carl R. Battreall

Forest Art 9

10. Summer in Mexico by Charles Harker

Forest Art 10


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