Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Art Picks for Dad

Celebrate your dad, grandpa, and any other father-figure in your life with a piece of art when Father’s Day rolls around on June 21st. From sentimental sweet pieces to custom bus rolls complimenting his terrible dad jokes, we’ve got dads of any age and style covered in this gift guide.


1. Expectant Fathers Bathing Doll During Infant Care Class At Brooklyn Red Cross


Remind your dad of how far he’s come since he changed his first diaper.


Father's Day Art


2. Happy Father’s Day Super Hero Dad by The Bigstock Collection

Encourage your dad every day no matter where you live by giving him this comic book-inspired canvas.


Father's Day Art


3. Dad, You Are My Heart by Lisa Weedn


Your dad won’t even remember all the shenanigans you pulled in middle and high school as soon as he reads this sweet note.


Father's Day Art


4. Goodnight Baby by Colin Bootman


This piece of art captures a sweet moment between father and child.


Father's Day Art


5. Dad’s Repair Shop by Pela Studio


No matter what’s broken, dad can always fix it. Thank him with this canvas print he can display proudly at home.


Father's Day Art


6. Father of the Bride Movie Poster


No matter how many times your dad said he “just had something in his eye” when watching this movie, you know he was secretly just thinking about his own little ones growing up.


Father's Day Art


7. Vintage Dictionary Art: Anchor by Circle Art Group


Let your dad know that he’s your anchor, even in those tough times, with this vintage-inspired modern art.


Vintage Dictionary Art: Anchor


8. A Great Man Custom Bus Roll

A quote from his favorite author is just what your dad needs in his office or man cave.


Father's Day Art


9. Good One, Dad Custom Bus Roll


Only your dad can make those so-bad-they’re-good jokes laughably funny.


Father's Day Art


10. Hook Baiter by Buck Wear


Perfect for the outdoorsy dad, this piece will remind your dad of all your adventures together.


Father's Day Art


11. Painting of a Lion and Cub from The Bigstock Collection


Father's Day Art


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