Decorating with Encyclopaedia Britannica: 5 Ideas to Steal From School

Aside from all the textbooks, paper, pencils, and other classroom staples, there are some seriously great style tips to bring home from school. Though it’s easy to overlook, classrooms are king when it comes to maximizing space, organization, and, most importantly, filling up the walls with great, practical pieces of art to keep students of any age inspired and engaged.


Check out these picks from The Encyclopaedia Britannica Collection that can go straight from the classroom to your walls.


1. Maps aren’t just for learning geography, they’re also great additions to a home. Oversized vintage maps are the perfect backdrop in any room of the house.

 United States-Vintage Map

2. Don’t mistake charts, timelines, or graphs for boring. They’re pieces of art that are often full of color, making them interesting conversation pieces for a living room.


 Timeline of Dinosaurs


3. Animal prints are a classic piece of décor, something science classrooms have been featuring for a while. From reptiles to birds to jungle animals and more, the Encyclopaedia Britannica collection has almost every living thing under the sun that can be used in a classroom or your living room.

 Leopard (Felis Pardus)


4. It’s okay if you don’t have a green thumb–Encyclopaedia Britannica’s got you covered. Snag another science classroom staple like this vegetation profile and you’ll forget all about all those succulents that didn’t make it.

 Vegetation Profile of a Desert


5. Snag some style from English class by opting for a piece of myth-inspired art from Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Mythology collection. You’ll never tire of an intricate piece of art that also tells a story.

 Myth Art