Writing On the Wall: Custom Bus Roll Art

Bus rolls were originally  designed to remind public transportation patrons of their route. Since then, people started incorporating bus rolls into their homes to remind themselves of past neighborhoods or communicate pride for their current city. As they became more popular, designers began applying their nostalgic value and vintage style to a wide variety of subjects. Now, Great Big Canvas offers a way to create your own bus roll to use in your home or office.


The Custom Bus Roll Builder  allows shoppers to become designers and create personalized works of art to fit their own décor and style.  It’s as simple as entering text, selecting colors, and choosing a font. Plus, you’ll see a live preview with each change, so you’ll always know what to expect.


Use a bus roll to list your favorite travel destinations or spots in your hometown. New parents may want to decorate the nursery with a custom bus roll listing their baby’s name, birthday, and birth milestones. Newlyweds can have their vows printed. Bakers and chefs can create a bus roll of their most beloved recipes to hang in the kitchen. With a custom bus roll, there are endless possibilities for decorating. And if you’re not up for creating your own, the site offers pre-designed options.


To create your own bus roll, visit Great Big Canvas. Be sure to show it to us on Instagram or Pinterest.