The Colorful Creations of Cozamia

Every time Cozamia releases a new piece of artwork, we jump for joy. Today you get to meet Nancy Ramirez, the artist behind Cozamia, and the cozy place where she creates beautiful art. Her collection is chock-full of colorful pieces guaranteed to brighten up any space and her studio proves it. Read below to see the gorgeous studio where she works and learn more about Ramirez’s creative process, the best compliment she ever received, and how to create a happy home.


Artist Nancy Ramirez of Cozamia


Could you tell us a bit about your creative process?


I often alternate between painting, photography and digital work and love to experiment by combining elements of all three. This usually means scanning my paintings and reworking them digitally, creating layers from different pieces to form a mixed collage.


What inspired you to begin mixing traditional and digital methods to create new pieces of art?


I have a background in web and graphic design so digital art is something I’ve enjoyed for a long time. At the same time I’ve always loved creating art by hand whether it be through drawing or painting, by playing with different processes I never get bored of any one thing.


Sweet Chinoiserie


How do you know when a piece is finished?


Usually when I think something is close to being finished I’ll take a break from it and come back to it later with fresh eyes, if it still feels good at that point then I know it’s ready.


What are your favorite kinds of pieces to create? What makes them special to you?


I really enjoy doing the ‘kaleidoscopic’ art like my “Brittle Stars” print. It’s bold, colorful, and decorative.


Brittle Stars Blue by Cozamia


On your site, you mention how color can set the mood for a happy home. What does a happy home mean to you?


To me a happy home is a place that feels welcoming and cozy yet true to my style, so lots of colorful patterns on pillows, warm woods, beautiful art, plants and flowers and of course good food to share with family and friends.


Cozamia's Studio 1


Do trends influence what you paint and create?


I would say so although I don’t deliberately set out to create something that’s trendy. I love interior design, fashion, travel and movies so I definitely pick up inspiration from all sorts of places, in some cases that will influence a choice in color or theme that might be on trend.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? How has it helped you follow your dream of becoming an artist?


I love the quote “follow your bliss,” by Joseph Campbell. Giving yourself permission to do the type of work you truly enjoy is so important in this life and it’s pretty much critical if you want to be able to really stick to it no matter what.


Cozamia's Art Supplies


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your artwork?


Someone once told me that when they came across my art they were inspired to completely redecorate their home, I loved that!


What’s next for you as an artist?


I would love to continue with what I’ve been doing so far but also explore designing for textiles and other products that I like.


Parrot In The Jungle by Cozamia


Thanks, Cozamia! To see more of Cozamia’s work, visit her site or check out her collection on Imagekind.