The Stribblings: A Family of Artists

When looking at art created by the talented Stribbling family, you might think you’re looking at a photograph. But this family of two daughters and their father are true artists with a brush who can create paintings that have as much detail as a professional photo.


David Stribbling, along with daughters Rachel and Sarah, are a part of a family run art business aptly named Stribbling Family Art that focuses on creating original oil paintings of wildlife and animals. David’s collection of work focuses mainly on wildlife art, while Sarah and Rachel also delve into creating stunningly realistic pet portraits. One thing’s for sure: each piece in this English family’s body of work showcases their love for animals and art.

Sarah’s Work


Sarah Stribbling 1


Sarah Stribbling 2


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Rachel’s Work


Rachel Stribbling Sheep


Rachel Stribbling Dog


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David’s Work


David Stribbling Zebras


David Stribbling Cheetah Cub


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