Sol Lewitt – Wall Drawing #370

The Sol LeWitt exhibit may be on its way out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art but we can’t stop swooning over it. LeWitt was known for creating works that would later be destroyed, something he was proud of as a Conceptual artist. Instead of worrying about his art leaving a physical legacy, he focused on creating drawings with the intent that they would later be painted over to make room for a new creation. As a result, very few pieces of his work are still around.


The Met took one of these drawings, Wall Drawing #370, and made it come to life over four incredible weeks of installation, which they documented on their site in a series of 5 videos. Reminiscent of his other work, Wall Drawing #370 will simply be painted over at the end of its run.


If you are unable to make it to the exhibit, you can also learn more about LeWitt in this documentary from Doc Eye Film, New Zealand.


The Chapel of Brunate (Barolo Chapel) was decorated by LeWitt and David Tremlett and is available from Great Big Canvas.


Painted chapel by Sol Lewitt