Pei Ketron’s Tips for Great Mobile Photography

Featured in our Fall 2014 issue, Pei Ketron is a photographer who is a pro at shooting and editing images on her mobile device. Her captivating photos have earned her a growing following of nearly one million on Instagram alone. Below are her five tips for taking better mobile photos.



1. Tap for Focus and Exposure
Tap your screen on the area you want to be in focus and exposed properly. Tapping and holding will allow you to lock focus and exposure.


Pei Ketron Instagram Tip Focus



2. Use Your Camera Grid
Having the grid on while shooting will help you line up and center your shots.


Pei Ketron Instagram Tip Grid



3. Change Your Perspective
Shooting from down low or up above shows a unique view of a scene.


Pei Ketron Instagram Tip Perspective



4. Find Interesting Shapes, Colors, and Patterns
These will liven up any photo.


Pei Ketron Instagram Tip Color



The light is the most magical when it’s lower in the sky. Try to avoid shooting in harsh mid-day light.


Pei Ketron Instagram Tip Sunset


See more of Pei’s photography on Instagram @pketron or check out her website here.