Pacific Art Group: Meet the Photographers Behind the Lens

Buckle up for this adventure—meeting the photographers from Pacific Art Group, a celebrated photography team that captures everything from flowers to landscapes and all that’s in between.


1. Ursula Abresch

Ursula Abresch’s photo-impressionism style of photography has inspired many artists, including Scott Stulberg. Her photographs almost have a Dali-like quality in their etherealness. Each piece plays with color in a dreamy way.

 Evening Ferry Ride by Ursula Abresch


2. Philippe Sainte-Laudy


Philippe Sainte-Laudy’s fine art photography is layered for a look unlike anything you’ve seen before. To Sainte-Laudy, a flower isn’t just a flower– it’s the subject of a masterpiece. With nature as his primary subject, Sainte-Laudy’s works bring vitality to any space.

 Pastel by Philippe Sainte-Laudy


3. Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery’s body of work transforms ordinary scenes into visions that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Based out of London, England, Chinnery’s collection features sights from the city, stunning nature shots, and incredible views from unsuspecting angles.


4. George Oze

Born in Hungary and now based out of New Jersey, travel photographer George Oze’s vibrant collection of photography spans all temperature zones. From New England landscapes to flamingos enjoying the warm summer sun to places far, far away, Oze’s work is nothing short of breathtaking and sure to inspire wanderlust.



5. Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to capturing stunning moments in nature. From a stampeding herd of zebras to melting glaciers, Art Wolfe’s photography preserves pieces of natural history for future generations.




6. Adrian Campfield

Without missing a beat, Adrian Campfield can go from the city streets to the English countryside, all the while creating romantic, mystical photography. His collection takes the reader on a journey.



7. Heidi Westum

Heidi Westum’s close-up macro photography is celebrated around the globe. Her creativity shines in each ethereal piece of photography she creates. With a focus on the natural world, her collection is striking and memorable.



8. Marco Carmassi

Marco Carmassi’s collection of photography is incredible, especially considering he doesn’t add any additional elements post-production to his work. Each and every image is shot to look the way his subject is at that moment.



9. Margaret Morgan

Australian photographer Margaret Morgan creates unique photography by blending realism and photo-impressionism into each of her pieces. With landscapes and macros alike, every photo in Morgan’s collection is a true work of art.



10. Lars Van De Goor

Lars Van De Goor’s photography looks like pure magic. Landscapes with an otherworldly quality create a sensational experience for his audience.



11. Magda Indigo

Magda Indigo is a photographer based out of the UK where her and her husband, who is also a photographer, spend their time create an expansive variety of photography. Her striking photography is mesmerizing and dramatic, making each and every piece a conversation starter in any room.



12. Nejdet Duzen

Nejdet Duzen’s high contrast photography is often shot in near his hometown of Izmir, Turkey. With an eye for historic sites, transportation, and architecture, Duzen captures beautiful scenes that make the reader feel as if they’re on a journey.




13. Philippe Manguin

Philippe Manguin’s truly magnificent body of work features a lot of images from the legendary French forest Broceliande. And while we can’t get enough of his pieces from that stunning place, his body of work extends far behind the forest into city streets where he’s able to turn what passersby see into a masterpiece.