Nature and Tall Trees: The Art of Herb Dickinson

Imagekind artist Herb Dickinson’s been in the art business for more than a decade, starting out in graphic design and illustration before branching out to do photography and painting. With pieces of his work featured on HGTV and the Netflix series House of Cards, Herb Dickinson’s collection is taking the art world by storm.


Surround Yourself: Is there a piece in your Imagekind collection that you’re particularly proud of? What makes it special to you?

Herb Dickinson: That is a hard question. I would have to say Asheville Park, it was from a simple little park, nothing special, but Asheville, North Carolina, is special as well as the rest of the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains. We visit every year. The painting is my favorite subject: nature. Nature and tall trees. I love trees and forest. I think people are drawn to my trees because of the upward movement instilled in us.


 Asheville Park


SY: Aside from art, what other interests are you passionate about?

HD: I’m a simple person: family.


SY: What’s been the most surreal moment of your career?

HD: Getting asked permission to use my art on a television set.


 A New Adventure II


SY: Has your method of creating art change since you first picked up the paintbrush?

HD: No. I use my photo references or create from my mind. I paint on a flat table surface instead of an easel.

SY: Your use of color is amazing. What do different colors in your pieces represent to you?

HD: I have a background in “commercial art,” the old term for illustration and design. It’s now graphic design and illustration. So it’s about appeal, with style, form and color for commercial application. There are numerous reasons for painting. Some artist, depending on the style may say they paint for themselves and people have to accept it. Well, I paint first for pleasing collectors and then myself. I do end up liking most of my work as well as the colors. Color is many times the first thought in my contemporary and abstracts. I decide what colors I want to paint in based on what people like. I like to give a variety.


 Spring Morning


SY: What advice would you offer someone looking for a new piece of art?

HD: I’ve been with ImageKind for nine years and they are top notch. The pieces are top quality made in the USA. They have such a tremendous variety, whether you are looking for a framed piece, print or canvas art. You can speak to a human being if you have questions, plus their guarantee.

SY: Nature plays a big role in your work. What makes nature important to you as an artist?

HD: I grew up playing in the forest, climbing trees, and wading in the creeks. My parents took us camping in the mountains and I fell in love with them.


 Feng Shui Cane Magenta


SY: What do you surround yourself with?

HD: My studio is messy at the moment. I have canvases and paint at the ready along with a small desk with my computer, which I also use to play music while working.

SY: And just for fun, do you have any hidden talents?

HD: For now a retired musician, but I played for a very long time.

You’ve heard the term “arts and crafts style” referred to homes. Well, I’ve made by hand a stone sidewalk and patio, ceramic tile mural for the kitchen floor and replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Oh, I forgot to mention, I designed and built our dining table.

For fun, we have a crepe myrtle tree that kept growing straight up, so I made weights shaped and painted like peaches and hung them on the limbs to bow the limbs over. That gets a lot of double takes from people. LOL.




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