Midcentury Style: The Art of Donna Mibus

Artist Donna Mibus turned her passion for midcentury modern design into creating pieces that exude the quirky style and design period. Her artwork looks like something straight out of the 1960s and makes any space look like something right out of Palm Springs. Find out more about her career as an artist and just what inspired her to pick up a paintbrush!


Surround Yourself: Your body of work is largely influenced by midcentury modern décor and style. How did you become interested in it?

Donna Mibus: As a child in the 60s I loved modern furniture and accessories. I guess you could call it nostalgia, but I’ve never stopped loving the pieces from that era.


 MCM Shapes 3 by Donna Mibus


SY: What’s the most rewarding part of being an artist?


DM: Working with color!


 Mid Century Modern Oblongs on Black


SY: How would you describe your style at home?

DM: Uncluttered and restful.


 Mid Century Modern House 1


SY: Have you always been interested in art? When did your interest turn into a fulltime career?


DM: I’ve always been interested in creating things and learning new things. My art hobby became a career simply because my completed paintings were taking over the house and I had to do something with them. I thought I’d see if they would sell and to my amazement, they did.


 Boomerang Cat in Yellow


SY: How has being an artist been different than other jobs or careers you’ve had?


DM: Creating art is something I do purely for enjoyment – the income from it is an unexpected blessing.


 Knoll Table No Cat by Donna Mibus


SY: Tell us about your favorite painting so far. What makes it special to you?


DM: My favorite painting so far has been a Still Life I did recently. My mother died before I began painting, so she never got to see any of my work. Like me she took up painting later in her life, after the age of 60, only instead of acrylics she painted in oils. She loved painting still life scenes and as I worked on my still life painting I kept thinking, “Mother would have loved this.”


 Original Art


 Still Life 2


SY: Mid Century Modern is a popular style. Do you have tips for people who want to bring some of that style into their home?

DM: Yes, be open to reproductions. There are some really nice pieces being made today that have the same vibe as vintage midcentury modern pieces, at a fraction of the cost.


 Mini Gravel Art 3 No Cat


SY: How do you stay inspired to continue creating new artwork?


DM: I’m continually inspired by my work space. I have my paint bottles all lined up against the wall on narrow shelves, neatly organized. The rainbow of colors excites me and makes me want to create something.


 Mini Gravel Art with Black Dog


SY: What do you surround yourself with?


DM: My family, my pets, my art supplies and lots of good books.

 Vases on Purple


Thanks, Donna! Find the full Donna Mibus Collection on Imagekind.