Kathy Johnson on Why We Need Art

Seattle-based professional artist Kathy Johnson draws inspiration from her surroundings to create beautiful pieces of art. A watercolor painter for the past 20 years, Johnson’s knack for choosing colors hasn’t gone unnoticed. Her work’s been displayed around the country and she’s here to tell us a bit about why everyone needs a little art in their life.


Art has been created since the beginning of time – as we can see in cave paintings of ancient cultures. Art exists in all cultures and yet it is often dismissed as a luxury or something peripheral in this country. These are the reasons we need art in our lives:


Kathy Johnson


1. It gives us FULL expression.


Art gives us a different kind of language that may be difficult to articulate: sharing our visions and expressing ideas in a non-verbal way.


Kathy Johnson


2. Art keeps us healthy.


Creating art engages the mind and body – it can relax, stimulate or inspire us. It can give us a place to reflect or heal.


Kathy Johnson


3. Art tells a story.


It helps us understand other cultures, records events, tells an autobiography, and gives us a sense of shared history.


Kathy Johnson


4. Art gives us a richer life experience.


Think about it – what would it be like without music, theater, dance, visual arts or crafts?


Kathy Johnson


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