Joseph Ducreux: Painting Selfies Before They Were Cool

These portraits by 18th century painter Joseph Ducreux are no joke! Despite being painted more than 200 years ago, his paintings have a modern selfie-like feel and we can’t quit staring at them. These are the perfect addition to the home that’s grownup but still has that playful spirit. We can‘t help but think Ducreux would be the master of selfies on Instagram if he was still around today. We dare you not to chuckle when looking at his self-portraits below:


“Self-Portrait, Yawning” by Joseph Ducreux


Self-Portrait, Yawning


“Self-Portrait of the Artist With a Mocking Face” by Joseph Ducreux


Self-Portrait of the Artist With a Mocking Face


Visit more of Ducreux’s ingenious work here.