Artist Profile: Marcia Baldwin

If there’s one thing you should know about artist Marcia Baldwin, it’s that she’s a master when it comes to color. Her paintings are bursting with brilliant hues and soft texture that adds up to a colorful effect. Oil paints are her primary medium for several reasons: “I love the smell, the buttery texture, the fluid movement from the brush, the many tints and tones and hues that are possible.”


Marcia Baldwin


Baldwin has a well-rounded career in the art industry, working as a designer and teacher, among other things. Formally trained in fine art, Baldwin’s success as an artist also came from years of patience and practice with the brush. Now her fulltime job is creating art in her studio.

Her portfolio includes many pieces inspired by animals and florals. Her most recognized pieces are of horses, painted in her iconic abstract-meets-impressionism way using an incredible range of colors. Coming from the advertising field where mechanics and realistic renderings were key, she says she’s less focused on mechanics and more so on creating colorful abstract works. “After many years, I let realism go and began to let the painting talk to me, through my hands as I guided the brushes and the color composition to more abstraction.”

The Louisiana resident also accredits much of her use of color and creativity to her home and the beautiful state she lives in that’s lush and full of rich colors that inspire her to continue creating pieces. Find out more about Baldwin below:



On what she’ll never use: “I use the full spectrum, but never use black. To create a dark tone, near to black, I mix many dark hues for the simulation of black.”


On what she surrounds herself with: “I paint to music most of the time. I also have a really sweet studio dog, my little machoman, who keeps me company while I paint. “


On her other creative endeavors: “I love photography and at one time opened a photo studio to restore old photos. I am also fond of pastel painting, watercolor painting, and gouache.”


On her oil painting process: “Color is a major part of how I view the world, and so it shows up in my paintings….Color conveys the mood, along with my brush strokes, gestural motion, like how the heart beats when you fall in love.”


Painted Ponies in Pastels by Marcia Baldwin


To see more of Marcia’s works, including Blue Thunder Run and Peacock Abstract (pictured at the top of this page), visit her on Imagekind.