A Cocktail of Imagination: The Art of Irena Orlov

Just one moment spent looking at Irena Orlov’s artwork is enough to make the stress of the day melt away. Her nature-inspired works exude the energy she puts into them, letting viewers have their own individual experience with each piece she creates.


Having lived in several countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Canada, before moving to Los Angeles, she’s experienced many cultures that shine through in her work. Orlov has achieved what many want: the ability to live out their dreams. Find out how she continues to grow as an artist, hear about her recent travels, and learn about her style at home below!


 An Unfinished Symphony II


Surround Yourself: What’s been the most surreal moment of your career?

Irena Orlov: Frankly my all life is one surreal moment because I’m living my dream. I love my job and I’m surrounded by a loving family and friends. Yet there is one of the most fantastic experiences I have recently had was my visit to Japan. I have dreamed of visiting that beautiful country for a long time. Thanks to my career it was finally possible. I was invited to exhibit at the Tokyo International Art Fair.




SY: On days where you’re not feeling creative, how do you find inspiration?

IO: I feel creative all the time. Thanks to the modern technologies on the days when I don’t feel like painting, I take my camera and explore the surroundings. When I don’t feel like taking pictures I sit next to my computer and play with digital media. There is so little time and so much I need to create. I have the opposite problem–I need more days to bring my immense neverending inspiration to life.

SY: Is there a particular painting from your Imagekind collection that you’re most proud of?

IO: It’s a tough decision. I have lots of collections and each of them has my favorite pieces. For example, Gorgeous Horse from Rustic Horses Collection or Abstract Poetry in Black and White 156 from the Abstract Collection of New Media Black and White.


 Gorgeous Horse

 Abstract Poetry in Black and White 156


SY: What’s your décor style at home and/or in your studio?

IO: I naturally love color. My house is decorated in a bohemian chic style with various colors. Bono is an artistic mayhem which is perfect for me. I feel cozy and warm. Colors charge me with energy. They bring spring and summer during any time of the year in my home. I think I’m a gypsy in my soul.

SY: If you could have lunch with any artist in history, who would you pick?

IO:Gustav Klimt is my favorite artist. His paintings are whimsical and magic. They attract and mesmerize.

SY: Your art plays with a wide range of colors. Is there any color you won’t use in your artwork?

IO: I love all colors!

 Colorful Watercolor Abstract


SY: Tell us a little bit about your artistic process. When you’re starting a new piece, what are some of the first steps you take?


IO: I’m an observer. I never stop observing looking for something new and fresh. The artistic process starts with a combination of my observation, speculation and idea. Then I transfer this cocktail of imagination on canvas.

SY: Since art is your full-time job, what do you to unwind and relax?

IO: I’m very lucky to do what I love and make a living out of it. I can’t wish for a better life. I don’t need to unwind and relax. Perhaps just a cup of coffee for a physical break but my imagination never rests.


 Shabby Floral


SY: What advice would you give to someone who’s looking for the perfect piece of art for their home?

IO: There is no universal answer to this question. People have different tastes. Be sure to focus on artworks that speak and appeal to you. A right painting is bringing a living space to life.

 Vivid Dreams


SY: What do you surround yourself with?

IO: I surround myself with loving people who emit positive energy. I also try to think in a positive no matter what.


 Birds on a Wire in Blue

Thanks, Irena! Find her incredible collection on Imagekind.