5 Photographers Who Capture The World With Every Click

Thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it when we’re talking about the amazing photographers that keep us inspired to stay creative, while helping our homes and offices stay sleek and stylish. From incredible landscape photos to fashion, nature macros, portraits, & more, these are just a few of the masterful photographers you can find on Great BIG Canvas.


1. Scott Stulberg

Scott Stulberg is an incredible travel photographer who’s gone all around the world to capture the perfect image. To take some of his most memorable photos, Stulberg was granted permission to spend time with monks in their temple in Burma. It was a rare privilege for a photographer to be allowed in the temple and an honor Stulberg values greatly. Stulberg’s photography is wanderlust-inducing and beautiful in any room. Find out more about his passion for photography here.


 Scott Stulberg


2. Seth Casteel


When Seth Casteel’s photos went viral a while back, we couldn’t quit enjoying them. Whether you’re a dog person or not, Casteel’s underwater dog photos are just plain fun. Beyond that series, Casteel also captures adorable moments in the life of a dog that are bound to make you smile.


 Seth Casteel


3. Ursula Abresch


Ursula Abresch’s photography is innovative in such a way that it has the appearance of abstract art. Her abstract photography is making waves in the photography world and with each new image, Abresch opens up a new world of color and intrigue.


 Ursula Abresch


4. Mike Moats


Mike Moats developed his signature style by taking on the theme of nature in his work. His macro photography brings new perspective to everyday sights, including leaves, trees, water, and more. His work is proof that there’s beauty everywhere, but especially out in the wilderness.


 Mike Moats


5. David Liittschwager


Advertising-pro-turned-photographer David Liittschwager’s body of work is like a museum, full of whimsical items that make you want to learn more. His focus on capturing photos of natural history pieces make him must-see photographer. His work with National Geographic has earned him many accolades. The piece pictured below has remained a top seller on Great BIG Canvas for years.


 Mike Moats


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