14 Independent Artists You Need to Know About

Imagekind’s vast catalog is comprised of artwork from independent artists with a wide variety of disciplines, artistic genres, and styles. We’ve selected of some of our favorite emerging talent to feature here.

1. Toni Grote
Artist Toni Grote paints landscapes in their simplest form, employing subtlety of tone and texture to depict the Midwest’s austere horizons.
Abandoned Memories




2. Inge Johnsson
Inge Johnsson’s landscape photography of bold terrain in super saturated colors present us with awe-inspiring views taking us to places we may never venture to go.
Los Cuernos Falls

Marble Canyon Cactus


3. How Pin Tang
How Pin Tang’s photography looks at the world with a minimalist eye. Pared down to the basic design elements, the simplicity in his compositions exudes a sense of stillness.



4. Sandra Cohen
Sandra’s abstract paintings reference music, art, pop culture, and technology. Her acrylic paintings often have linear and geometric abstractions intertwined with organic and representational imagery that creates the illusion of a mixed media collage.
Jane of the waking universe

Vanishing Point


5. BreeAnn Veenstra
Inspired by mythology and the natural world, BreeAnn Venstra brings fantasy and fairy tale to life in her storybook illustrative style.
The Chimera

Misery for Mariners


6. Jessica Jenney
The idyllic beauty of Jessica Jenney’s images transcends time and place. The painterly treatment of her photographs creates tranquil and bucolic scenes reminiscent of the romantic painters.

Autumn Kissed


7. Eric Joyner
Eric Joyner’s traditional style oil paintings depict a surreal world where charming tin toy robots and pink glazed donuts are often at odds with each other and sometimes even at war.
Fog of War

Fog of War


8. Jerry LoFaro
In his distinctive commercial style, Jerry LoFaro creates illustrations of prehistoric dinosaur showdowns that seem larger than life with a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor.
Face Off

Green Rex


9. Jody Miller
Jody Miller’s melancholic landscape photographs, which are  frequently accentuated by remnants of civilization, allows us to see the character and unexpected beauty time imparts to the neglected and the forgotten.
Ullswater barn



10. Alexei Antonov
Alexei Antonov’s still life oil paintings are studies of light, color, and composition in the tradition of the great masters. The subtle inclusion of contemporary elements, like the less than ideal peeling wall or electric lamp shade, hint to us that these pieces are much more current than the style suggests.
Dawn in the Studio

Dark Bordeau Red Rose


11. Kelly Eddington
With an unlikely medium, Kelly Eddington applies an opulent color palette to create watercolor still lifes that present an almost idealized version of the objects depicted  painstaking detail.
Planets and Foil

Queen's Iris


12. Nancy Ramirez (Cozamia Art)
Nancy Ramirez draws inspiration from nature, fashion, and interior design for her bold designs. Comprised of mixed media, she uses a combination of painting and digital design work that strikes a balance between symmetry, pattern, and organic composition.
Black Doves

Dark Bordeau Red Rose


13. Michael Creese
Michael Creese’s subjects range from the traditional to the surreal and often times playful. The impasto painting technique he uses to create his abstract expressionists pieces enhances the depth and drama of his imagery.



14. Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin creates bold and vibrant illustrations with powerful imagery inspired by nature. Her abstract expressionism style of painting reflects her passion for color theory.
1818 Wolf Abstract

Longhorn Abstract