Art Gift Guide: Your Brother-In-Law Who Loves Movies Almost as Much as He Loves Cars

Your brother-in-law is a special guy. He can tell you the make and model of any car that passes but also knows the name of the characters in any obscure movie, making him the perfect addition to the family. Show him how much you appreciate him by giving him something other than a sweater, like one of these pieces he won’t have to worry about dry cleaning:


1. Let him channel his inner Marty McFly with this piece that combines both his loves.


The Time Machine


2. A modern movie poster featuring his favorite man of mystery because like Bond, he enjoys a good martini.

James Bond


3. A retro piece of art showcasing the cars he’ll never stop dreaming about.


Saturday Night 1970


4. An iconic movie poster because he quotes it every time you see him.


World Map Hearts


5. A watercolor car print because he dreamed of being an artist when he was younger.


Ferrari Testa Rossa Watercolor II


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