A Guide for Having the Best Friendsgiving Ever

If you believe the old saying that friends are the family you choose, then you’re going to love Friendsgiving. It’s a day, typically a few weeks before Thanksgiving, where you gather up all your friends and have a pre-Thanksgiving feast together. It’s a chance to enjoy each other before the madness of the holidays ensues while getting a tasty meal out of it, too. And who needs a reason to have a party, anyway? These are a few ideas to help you have the best Friendsgiving yet:

1. Delegate the tasks!

It’s kind of you to want to do everything to make dinner special for your friends. But hosting is stressful even without having to cook a huge meal! Friendsgiving is a time to celebrate being thankful with—and for–your friends. It’s okay to ask them contribute. Or you could even opt for takeout…there are no rules when it comes to Friendsgiving!

Friendsgiving 1


2. Have fun with the decorations.

Like we just said—there’s no rules when it comes to Friendsgiving and that includes the decorations. You don’t even have to decorate! But if you do, remember to keep it cozy. And one more tip: don’t let not having a big space hold you back from having friends over. Your coffee table and some well-placed pillows make the perfect spot for dining….and look great to boot.

Friendsgiving 2


3. Dream up a signature cocktail (or mocktail).
Make your gathering a little more personal with a signature cocktail and/or mocktail. You can name it based on an inside joke or make it very punny. And if you’re not a great bartender, that’s a great task to delegate to a friend who is!

Friendsgiving 3


4. Have an ice breaker planned…yes, seriously.

Keep the conversation flowing with a planned icebreaker question. Even though there’s likely not to be much “ice” since everyone is friends, this is a way to guide the conversation and make it fun and festive. A simple question like “what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?” can allow people to share stories they wouldn’t normally have had a reason to tell.


Friendsgiving 4