8 Pieces of Art to Celebrate Alice in Wonderland’s 150th Anniversary

Alice in Wonderland had a HUGE birthday this year, turning 150. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, penned under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll by Carles Dodgson, was inspired by his daughter and heralded as being one of the first books of its time to portray children in a realistic way in a story with no clear moral purpose—it was a completely playful book and has remained a source of clever, comic relief since 1865. It’s also served as a source of inspiration to fall into a rabbit hole of creativity, which each piece below shows proudly.


1. Alice in Wonderland (1951)




2. Wonderland by Noreen Torelli




3. Alice in Wonderland (1951)




4. Wonderland Trial Scene by Frank Godwin




5. Alice in Wunderland




6. Sidney Ord Jam Sandwich Biscuit by Heritage Images




7. Alice in Wonderland (1981)




8. Carroll: Alice, 1865 by John Tenniel