6 Spunky Pineapple DIYs For Your Home

It’s a pineapple world in the summer! And spring. Pretty much anytime, actually. Bring some fruit-tastic crafts and projects to your space with these pineapple DIYs.

1. Vase (or centerpiece!)
Wouldn’t these make amazing centerpieces for a spring or summer wedding? And bonus points since you’ll get to enjoy lots of fresh pineapple while making them.



2. Stamped Napkin
Have your pineapple and eat it too with these playful napkins.

Napkin Print

3. Bathmat
This bathmat is shockingly easy to make and adds a color punch to any powder room.


4. Laundry Basket (or puppy holder)
OMG. More laundry might end up in the basket than on the floor if it was this cute.

Laundry Basket

5. Painted Pineapples
Paint the stems of real pineapples and just like that, you’re done! Put these fancy pineapples around your home for pops of color.

Painted Pineapples


6. Floor Tile

You’ll really need to be dedicated to the pineapple trend to do this DIY since it’s not something you can easily remove…but look how fun it is!