5 Fascinating Facts About Gustav Klimt and His Controversial Paintings

Gustav Klimt has an easily recognizable body of work that resonates with a widespread audience. Klimt prints can be found just about anywhere you look, from college dorm rooms to upscale resorts and everywhere in between. Check out five things you may not know about this influential artist:


1. Gustav Klimt was born in Austria and exposed to art at an early age. His parents, a gold engraver and a struggling musician, were not financially able to support his artistic desires but talent he was able to show with the materials he had earned him a scholarship at a reputable art school in Vienna.

 Gustav Klimt Print- Tree of Life


2. His ambition when he began art school? To become a drawing teacher. His work at school earned him commissioned side gigs, which helped him discover other opportunities in the artistic world and lead him to create the most popular Klimt prints often seen today.

 Gustav Klimt Print- Attersee


3. Though his education taught him primarily about conservative art, Klimt began experimenting in more controversial art after the death of his father and brother.

 Gustav Klimt Print- Farmer’s Garden


4. On his first major project, the Klimt prints he unveiled were not highly regarded. Both Klimt and his works were critiqued for their disturbing imagery and nudity. Even though his works were not warmly received at the University of Vienna, other pieces he unveiled around the same time were critically acclaimed.

 Gustav Klimt Print- Emilie Floege


5. Klimt’s most famous work, The Kiss, is regarded as one of the most famous art pieces in history. The woman portrayed in the painting is a mystery, though many art historians believe it to be a rendering of Klimt’s brother’s wife, Emilie Floge. After her husband’s death, Floge remained close friends with Klimt until he passed away in 1906.

 Gustav Klimt Print- The Kiss


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