5 Dorm Rooms That Earn Extra Credit in Style

The thrill of a new school year never gets old. For students heading off to college to live in a dorm room, it’s especially exciting and sometimes daunting. Dorm rooms are the perfect small space to find your style…just make sure your roommate is on board! Check out these incredible ideas for turning your small space into a cozy haven where you can rest, study, and make new friends.


1. Rustic Americana Dorm

One obstacle of living in a dorm room is finding enough storage space without making the small area look cluttered or overly full. This simple room sticks to a neutral pallete of beige, white, and blue to create a unified look and make the storage pieces become part of the décor scheme.

 Americana Dorm Room

2. Glitz and Glam Dorm

Don’t let a small space get your style down. Kick up the glam factor in a small space by introducing metallic pieces like throw pillows and wall art for the ultimate glam look. And for even more of a wow factor, switch out the headboard in your dorm room for one that’s more your style. A good headboard can truly make a room shine.

 Freshman Dorm Room

3. Cozy as a Cabin Dorm Room

This dorm room is a lesson in how to make neutrals help a small space feel warm and inviting. Shades of beige and black work with twinkle lights to give this dorm room have a log cabin vibe.


 Cozy as a Cabin Dorm Room

4. Vintage-Inspired Dorm Room
Let’s face it—many dorm rooms are older and despite any efforts to hide it, those older accents will show. Instead of trying to hide the not-so-modern parts of a dorm room, make them part of the décor by adding vintage accents. This vintage-inspired dorm doesn’t shy away from making the most of an older space.

 Cozy as a Cabin Dorm Room

5. Bright and Modern Dorm Room

Make a style statement by covering those pesky cinder block walls with art that speaks to your personal interests. Using your wardrobe as décor is also a win-win for those looking to add style without sacrificing space.
 Bright and Modern Dorm Room