4 Kitchen Canvas Art Picks

Our kitchens are where much of our life is spent. From making breakfast to packing lunch to arguing over what to have for dinner, the kitchen is a place not only for cooking but also having meaningful conversations. Since so much time is spent there, it may be time to spruce yours up with some fun kitchen canvas art. Check out of top picks that’ll have you laughing even when you’re in need of a snack:


1. Just Roll With It by Kate Lillyson

Do you have a friend who’s always baking up something delicious? Get them this playful print that’ll make them smile while they’re trying to get their next recipe juuuuuust right.


Kitchen Canvas Art


2. You are My Cup of Tea by Kate Lillyson

Tell your favorite tea drinker just how you feel with this sweet design by Kate Lillyson. It’s the perfect kitchen canvas art for hanging just above the tea station in their kitchen!


Kitchen Canvas Art

3. Shake it Up by Kate Lillyson

Add a little spice to your kitchen decor with this neutral print. The hand-lettered design is chic and the message is a reminder to keep things interesting when it comes to cooking!


Kitchen Canvas Art


4. Be Grateful by Kate Lillyson

There’s no need to panic if you’re too tired to make dinner or wash that sink full of dirty dishes, you can simply sit back and enjoy this fun kitchen canvas print. Be grateful for everything, even messes!

Kitchen Canvas Art


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