4 Creative Uses for Coloring Wallpaper

Coloring Wallpaper offers a unique chance to do something you’ve wanted to do ever since you were a kid: color on the walls without any fear of getting in trouble. Coloring Wallpaper is available in a variety of styles to fit any mood, space, or coloring skill, making it the perfect addition to homes or businesses, including schools and anywhere that allows crayons or markers!


1. Decorate a classroom, door, or hallway!
Show school spirit with a mural everyone can contribute to in the classroom. Teachers can use coloring wallpaper for days when outdoor recess just isn’t an option. There’s nothing more stressful than a room full of disappointed students stuck inside during their free time. With Coloring Wallpaper, students can use any spare time to contribute to an art project for their walls!



2. Use them for a fun team building activity at work!


Say goodbye to ice breakers! Coloring Wallpaper is an amazing team building opportunity that’s ongoing and helps any office look its best. Coloring is a proven stress-reliever and one that allows employees take the edge off a tough day, helping them stay inspired and ready to do their best work.




3. Wallpaper makes an excellent photobooth background!

If you’re hosting a party, let Coloring Wallpaper be your guestbook or backdrop for your photobooth…or both! Our Claim to Frame paper gives friends the perfect opportunity to color it, write notes in the open frame area, or even post a real picture since each frame is sized to fit a standard size photos, including Instagram pictures. It’s also a fun backdrop for a photobooth. A win-win for any party!



4. Or leave it as is…since it’s already pretty great!
The best part about Coloring Wallpaper? It looks pretty great without even coloring it in. Black and white décor isn’t a trend, it’s a timeless style that’s not going anywhere. Since every Coloring Wallpaper is printed in black and white, it’s ready to be the backdrop to your perfectly styled space, no matter what your style might be.



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