20 Independent Artists We’re Into

If you’re stuck in an art rut or on the hunt for new art to put in your space, look no further than these 20 artists to find your next favorite piece.


1. Dreama Tolle Perry


Perry is a painter and writer whose body of work is based around five things: color, cats, flowers, France, and Italy. Her cats, both named Eddie, are the stars of Perry’s “Eddie and Phyllis” series that matches them with a mouse named Phyllis.


The Grand Tour


Free Wheelin' in Italy


2. Charles Harker


Charles Harker’s colorful portfolio is made up of vector art, much of which was created in Mexico where he currently resides.


Rumbo a Tenochtitlan (Hot cool)


Fire in Los Angeles


3. Christine Krainock


Painter and contemporary artist Christine Krainock’s striking collection is full of rich colors that come together to create pieces that make any home more inviting.


True Blue


Tiny Dancer


4. R Christopher Vest


Vest does it all. From painting, photography, graphic design, illustration, and even bird watching, he turns small moments into beautiful art for any space.


Bountiful Valley in Bloom


Bike in the Train Station


5. Billy Drysdale


Drysdale’s motivation as an artist is to create pieces that take the viewer back to simpler times. His most popular pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentiment.


Cinque Terra


Mission Drive-In


6. Jonathan Ball


Ball creates what he calls “low brow art” that’s modeled after old video games and fantasy world characters.






7. Blenda Tyvoll


Oregon artist Blenda Tyvoll sees a lot of nature in the Pacific Northwest, which is why many of her most beloved pieces have trees and birds as the subject but she also creates astounding still life paintings of household items.


Bird and bee


Carrot Bunch Kitchen Art


8. Jazzberry Blue


With a midcentury modern feel, Jazzberry Blue’s collection has something for anybody who enjoys clean, modern design with lots of color.


The Solar System


Time Square


9. Ginette Callway


Ginette Callaway’s work is easily identified by the intricate patterns and subtle brushstrokes that together create powerful works of art. What makes many of her pieces even more unique is that they can be hung different ways, portrait or landscape, making them incredibly versatile.


Portofino Fancy Majolica Tile Pattern Décor


Abstract I am a Funcky Dog Modern pet Art


10. Sharon Johnstone


Close up macros and unique perspectives make up Sharon Johnstone’s amazing collection.


Beside the sea IV


Metal Blue Dandy Sparkle


11. Priska Wettstein


Wettstein is inspired by nature’s shapes and colors, which makes her collection naturally beautiful.


Quest for Solitude


Metal Blue Dandy Sparkle


12. Matt Beard


Matt Beard’s collection of art includes incredible scenic landscapes, often transporting the viewer to a tropical paradise.


California Spring


The Gift


13. Jonas Gerard


Based in Asheville, NC, painter Jonas Gerard has a powerful collection of work that’s often abstract, sometimes impressionistic, and always full of colors.


Joy Ride


Habana Vieja #8


14. Mike Dawson


Photographer Mike Dawson’s been looking through the lens for almost 30 years and capturing the Earth’s natural beauty. His collection has beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife shots.


Sandhill Crane Explosion


Snowy Phlox Sunset


15. Peter Williams


Peter Williams may be best known as a watercolorist but he also flourishes with pastels, graphite, charcoal, and colored pencils. Many of his works have so much detail they could be mistaken for a photograph.


Reservoir Dog


As the Crow Flies


16. RD Riccoboni


RD is an artist in more ways than one. As both a painter and writer, he’s created unforgettable works to depict his travels and journey to become a fulltime artist.


Got Cheer!! Pom Pom Gurls


La Jolla Cove and Village


17.James Neeley


For 40 years, James Neeley has been capturing life behind the camera lens. With a passion for HDR photography developed by working as a radiologist and examining medical images, he’s picked up an eye for detail and the ways to capture it.

Internal Anatomy


The Wave


18. Donna Mibus


Even at a quick glance of her portfolio, it’s easy to see that Mibus enjoys the midcentury look from furniture to design. Using traditional midcentury colors, shapes, and inspiration, Mibus creates pieces of art that look straight from the era.


Turquoise Room No Cat




19. Kode Abdo of BossLogic


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, artist Kode Abdo is a self-made artist and graphic designer who specializes in creating haunting pieces of art using his camera and sketchbook.


Limited Freedom


Finding Q


20. Silas Toball of Duirwaigh Gallery


Toball collaborates with his partner, Angi Sullins, to create ethereal pieces to inspire those who view them.


Message from the Muse


Onward and Upwards