12 Abstract Canvas Art Picks for Every Season

An easy way to keep your home fresh throughout the year is to switch out art with the changing seasons. Much like the weather, our décor tastes tend to change throughout the year. Abstract canvas art helps your home looks its best, no matter what the season brings. Find pieces that highlight your home year-round using our abstract canvas art guide:


For Summer

Summer is all about vibrant colors and cool beach blues. For abstract canvas art in the summer time, opt for pieces that exude the warmth of the summer sun and the cool feeling of taking a dip in the ocean.

 Sailing by Ursula Abresch


 Spring Break I by Circle Art Group

 Flourish III by Jonas Gerard


For Autumn

To get your home warm and cozy for fall, opt for soothing hues that you’d see outdoors during the cooler in the trees including burnt oranges, dark yellows, pops of red, and lots of beige hues. Bring those beautiful natural hues indoors by choosing abstract art that mimics the changing leaves and the crisp fall air.
 Golden Brown Geode by Mike Moats

 Wilderness Woes by Jodi Maas

 Fall Art


For Winter

Winter abstract canvas art calls for rich icy blues and frosty hues that let you enjoy the cold air from the comfort of your warm home. It’s like having a view without doing any of the work.
Fountain of Youth by Joshua Schickler

 Blue and Grey Abstract Art from The Bigstock Collection

 Until Morning IV by Erin Ashley


For Spring


Spring décor is all about fresh pastel décor, including abstract canvas art that warms up a space after a frigid winter. Warm pastels in every color of the rainbow symbolizing a fresh start make spring abstracts a must.

 Liquidity III by Chariklia Zarris

 Delilah, 2016 by Amira Rahim

 Visible Sound II by Jennifer Goldberger


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