10 Pieces of Soulful Jazz Art

Jazz music is more than a sound, it’s a source of inspiration for many artists who use the colorful songs to create pieces of visual art that capture the story this genre of music tells. Though it got its name in New Orleans nearly a hundred years ago, it has origins far before that and a reputation for having sensational rhythms. While a trip to Louisiana isn’t always possible, you can still be reminded of your favorite music with color jazz-inspired wall art.


1. Jazz Shine by Carla Kurt




2. Jazz by Willem Haenraets




3. Jazz Quartet by David Ralph



4. Music-Crazy Fingers-Piano Keyboard by Sue Duda




5. Trumpet by Michael Creese



6. Grand Piano Music Abstract 2420 by Marcia Baldwin




7. 8 Bars by Mike Massengale




8. Jazz Club by Elaine Adel Cummins




9. Jazz John Lee Hooker by Yuriy Shevchuk




10. Cello by Vel Verrept