10 Pieces of Retro Art for Modern Style

There’s no need to spend all your free time scouring thrift and vintage stores for retro art when you can find an entire collection of designs inspired by decades past at Great BIG Canvas. Retro art allows you to bring a flair for the past into your current style, whether it’s modern, contemporary, classic, or eclectic. Find modern art inspired by vintage ads, minimalist design, and more in the Retro Art Collection and see our top picks below:

1. Let’s Travel II by Pela Studio

Retro Art 1

2. Guitars 2 by Stella Bradley

Retro Art 2

3. Swing for the Fences by Cory Steffen

Retro Art 3

4. Keep Calm by Louise Carey

Retro Art 4

5. Vinyl 70 by Joanne Ganley-Yates

Retro Art 5

6. Wave in the Ocean from The Bigstock Collection

Retro Art 6

7. Floor Plan Untitled II by Bella Milo Rossini

Retro Art 7

8. Monsavon au lait Vintage Advertising Poster

Retro Art 8

9. Vintage Motel IV

Retro Art 9

10. Mini Gravel with Brick by Donna Mibus

Retro Art 10


Shop the entire Retro Art Collection at Great BIG Canvas for your new favorite vintage-inspired piece of art!