10 Pieces of Easter Art for Any Bunny

It’s that time of year again, when sugar-covered marshmallow chicks and jelly beans inevitably find their way into your grocery cart. Easter is on Sunday, April 5th and we’ve rounded up a few pieces for the Easter Bunny to drop off at your house:

1. “Easter Bunny Explained Venn Diagram Poster” by Stephen Wildish


Now you won’t have to explain the phenomenon to your kids. Just put up this canvas and let the art do all the talking.


Easter Bunny Explained Venn Diagram Poster by Stephen Wildish


2. “Easter Table” by Alexander Makovsky


Leave this up all spring and summer long for a fresh perspective on the dining room table.


Easter Table by Aleander Makovsky


3.”Pet Bunny in a Small Window”


Excuse us while we take a brief moment to move past this cute overload. Put this piece in a nursery for maximum adorableness.


Pet Bunny in a Small Window


4. “Happy Easter” by Amylee Weeks


Blooms and typography pair beautifully in this artwork by up-and-coming artist Amylee Weeks.



5.”Easter Hare” by Rosalina Atanasova


Go abstract with this hare painting full of rich colors that work in any space all year round.



6. “Le Lapin I”


Wish them good night with this sweet design, a darling addition to any nursery.


Le Lapin I


7. Beige Bunny Rabbit


They don’t call him Peter Cottontail for nothing.


Beige Bunny Rabbit


8. Pet Bunny With a Bow


When’s the last time you frowned while looking at a bunny in a bow? Never.


 Pet Bunny With a Bow


9.”Little Bunny Prince” by Melissa Nucera


As if being a bunny isn’t cute enough, this one’s wearing a crown.



10. “Cute Chick” by Tim Nyberg


Pick this one if bunnies aren’t your thing, but fluffy yellow chicks are.


Easter Art 10