10 Fun Facts About Great BIG Canvas on It’s 10th Birthday

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the start of Great BIG Canvas. We celebrated in the office this week with cake and did some reminiscing, including taking a look at our very first website…apparently we were big fans of word art back then. Here are a few fun facts about Great BIG Canvas that you might not know:


1. When we launched we had just one publisher and sold only panoramic photographs. We now have more than 600,000 art and photography pieces from hundreds of publishers and artists in a variety of sizes.


 Jaune Gris I


2. 24”x72” was as big as we went with our canvas prints at the start of our business. We thought that was HUGE back then. Now we offer sizes up to 55”x100.”


 Close Up of a Camargue Horse, Arles, France


3. We used our employees as models when we were starting out…and still often do. Our first GBC ad featured our production assistant and her husband. The photoshoot was done in our owner’s garage.


Abstract Canvas Prints


4. We absolutely adore when customers send us photos of our canvases in their home or office. It keeps us energized and excited about what we do each day.

 Koi by Ana Victoria Calderon

5. Our first ad campaign was in Skymall magazine. It was an unwritten rule that if you were on a plane, you had to find our ad in the magazine, proclaim loudly, “Oh cool, what a neat product! I think I’ll buy this…” and dog-ear the page for the next passenger to find.

Abstract Canvas Art


6. The founders initially wanted to call the company “Big Ass Canvas” but after Googling the name, they decided against it due to the search results that came up.

 Still Loving You by Erin Ashley


7. Great BIG Canvas is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. This location allows us to be part of the incredible communities of Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas while still shipping canvases worldwide.

 North Carolina State Flower


8. We print every single image when a customer orders it and not a moment before. With an ever-growing catalog of images, framing options, and sizes, we always want our products to be created with our customers in mind.

 Plot 6 by Rachel Campbell


9. Our staff has grown…a lot! In 2006, there were just 10 employees. Now there are more than 200!


 Evening Ferry Ride


10. Even though our name is Great BIG Canvas, we also have other products including framed prints, posters, and wall decals available on our site. We also offer the option for you to design your own bus roll or upload your own image to print!


 Graceful Curves


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