10 Dog Prints for Canine Enthusiasts

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people LOVE their pets. Pets are more than just an animal that sleeps in your home. They’re an undeniable part of the family who loves unconditionally and can make you smile, even on the days where they do mischievous things.
Dog prints are one way to make your home more pet-friendly or, at the very least, show just how much you love your pet. From Boston terriers to labradors, find art inspired by every pup in your life. And check out some of our favorite dog prints below!

1. Stick Together by Pat Saunders-White

Dog Prints 1


2. Chihuahua on Yellow Chair by Tori Campisi

Dog Prints 2

3. Labrador dogs in the back of a vintage truck from The Bigstock Collection

Dog Prints 3

4. On My Own by Dean Russo

Dog Prints 4

5. Dog Rules by Jim Baldwin

Dog Prints 4

6. Portraits of Cats and Dogs Sitting Together

Dog Prints 6

7. Sempre by Marc Allante

Dog Prints 7

8. New Poodle Lavender by Ken Bailey

Dog Prints 8

9. Dogs Welcome by Stephen Huneck

Dog Prints 9

10. Frolicking Dogs by The Macneil Studio

Dog Prints 10


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