10 Art Picks for a Magazine-Worthy Gallery Wall Display

We’re constantly amazed at all the creative ways people build gallery walls at home or in their office. After being inspired by countless beautiful gallery walls, we put together a list of the types of pieces often seen in the most impressive ones. From floral art to portraits, there’s an art to creating the perfect gallery wall display.


1. A floral piece
Because a house just isn’t a home without some flora and fauna. Flowers symbolize life and vitality, making them an essential part of your space.

 Le Pavots Bleu by Shirley Novak


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2. A bold, oversized abstract
Abstract art means something different to each person that views it. One piece can say so much about your style and can be the anchor piece for your entire gallery wall display. The best part of abstract art is that it never ages. It’s a timeless addition that stays fresh season after season.

 Free Flow


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3. A quirky element

A gallery wall should be fun and show your unique style. It’s okay to add pieces that are completely quirky and completely you.

 Humphrey, 2014


4. A vintage-inspired piece

Vintage art adds a new dimension to gallery walls by offering an ode to the past. Vintage ads make excellent additions to your gallery wall!

 Adler, Typewriter Vintage Poster


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5. A modern typography piece

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration and what better way to stay inspired than with a colorful piece of watercolor art that’s as lovely as it is empowering.

 More Than You Think by Ana Victoria Calderon


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6. Something classic
They’re classic for a reason. Paintings like Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” only get better with age. Pieces by Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, and other classic artists are wonderful additions to any gallery wall display.

 The Starry Night, June 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh


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7. A patterned print


Keep things fresh with a patterned print. Patterns bring cohesion to a large gallery wall, making it look polished.

 New Ikats II by Patricia Pinto


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8. A portrait
Portraits are another type of art that age well. They add glamour to any gallery wall and with a wide selection of portraits available, the perfect one is waiting for you.

 Self Portrait with Red Shawl


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9. A still life

Still life paintings and photography shine the spotlight on seemingly ordinary items, making them into incredible works of art that pop on any gallery wall.

 Zest for Life by Terri Hill


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10. A map


Maps are a unique way of personalizing your gallery wall. Hang a map that shows your favorite travel destination or your hometown for a subtle, yet personal touch to your gallery wall.


 London, England Street Map by Michael Tompsett


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