10 Art Picks by Texas Collective

Texas Collective creates statement-making works of art that are versatile enough to use in any room. These works of art transcend any style or space and bring in the ultimate stylish addition to complete the look you’re going for. See our favorite Texas Collective art picks below and find the entire collection on Great BIG Canvas!


1. Adventures in the Above

 Adventures in the Above

2. Heart Strings I

 Heart Strings I

3. Context




4. Natural Tendencies I

 Natural Tendencies I

5. Immediate Resolve


 Immediate Resolve

6. Wrong Turns III


 Wrong Turns III

7. Infinitum IIII


 Infinitum IIII

8. Night Falls in Suburbia

 Night Falls in Suburbia

9. A Perfect World

A Perfect World

10. Natural Order

Natural Order


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