12 Days of Art: Swans-A-Swimming

On the seventh day of Christmas, Scott Westmoreland gave us “Seven Swans-A-Swimming”.

Westmoreland Seven Swans-A-Swimming


Scott Westmoreland began his career as an artist in California, where he spent his time in the entertainment industry designing and illustrating posters, programs, and everything in between. After a few years in the industry, Westmoreland joined the team at the Walt Disney Company and created best-selling collector edition pieces. In 2001, he left to pursue a career as a freelance artist and hasn’t turned back since. His playful island-style designs and paintings are hard to miss. His most iconic designs often involve shoreline sunsets, dogs enjoying watersports, and colorful beach transportation, including woodie cars, surfboards, and cruiser bikes.


Westmoreland’s work gained popularity because of its ability to bring the calm island life indoors. With just a few brushstrokes, he creates peaceful, tropical scenes that transport viewers to a more laid-back lifestyle.


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