12 Days of Art: Ladies Dancing

Inspired by the ninth day of Christmas, Clayton Rabo gives us “Nine Ladies Dancing.”

Westmoreland Seven Swans-A-Swimming


Andy Warhol would be proud of these “Nine Ladies Dancing,” created by Clayton Rabo. With more than two decades in the fields of design and illustration, Clayton Rabo draws inspiration from the world around him, specifically pop culture. Formerly a commercial designer, Rabo moved into the world of fine art so that he could unleash more creativity. As a creator of abstracts, mid-century designs, and modern pop art, Rabo specializes in drawing inspiration from anything “bright and new.”


Whether he’s turning a song into a visual piece of art or finding inspiration from the art he passes on the street, Rabo’s work is playful, inventive, and fun. Dogs, flappers, guitars, bingo cards, and more get a fresh look with the strokes of Rabo’s brush.


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